Our services are intended to improve your business by developing and maintaining solutions that help you edge out the competition.

The Solver

The Solver is a Star IT service designed for your particular needs. The Solver will study the present situation with you and plan and work with you to brainstorm the perfect custom solutions for your current and future needs. As our work spans several sectors, we bring our valuable, broad-based vision to serve your business. Once this is taken care of, you can develop your solutions further on your own, or let our Implementer take over.

The Implementer

Whether you need Office365 or Google Apps migrations, new cloud functionality implementations or integration for local data centers and cloud operations, the Implementer is your guy. We’ll get it done!

The Supporter

The Supporter is ready to help you with personal service – either locally or halfway around the world with remote service. This is the best IT buddy you’ve ever had.