The Star IT products will make a star out of your IT company.

Hosting services

Our hosting service can help you virtualize your servers or even build your own cloud service.

Environment managing

A safe IT environment is the bedrock for any modern business. We'll install and maintain your company's IT environment with our expertise and world-class tools.

Monitoring and support

We'll monitor your IT environment. We'll report on any issues and get to work solving them right away.


We'll help you maintain up-to-date backups of critical information that are essential for business continuity.


Get the IT equipment you need inexpensively, safely and ready-to-use through Star IT.

Software maintenance

We'll maintain your company's software, program versions and software updates and resolve any issues as they arise. You can count on our experience and expertise with Office 365, Google Apps and various cloud integrations.


We'll help get you set up with modern network, IT security and remote-use services.

Cloud services

We'll help you with Office365, Azure and AWS, UpCloud and vCloud.