Monitoring and support

Critical infrastructure functionality is vital to employee productivity.

Losing time due to system issues may cost you everything. By this, we mean the critical projects and work that makes you stay ahead of the competition — or lose ground. Employees may get frustrated and lose faith in your competitiveness if your systems don’t function as expected.

Monitoring and support is the answer. We monitor and develop your environment and its functionality. This guarantees a smoothly-running system that makes working a breeze and brings results. Let’s face it: it’s almost 2020. There is no reason to let IT dictate what you can do, quite the opposite.

We monitor services from the perspective of maintenance and usage. For instance, we may monitor Web servers for their page load speeds, their certificates’ expiration, and their response codes. If such a server was monitored internally, you would use a software to monitor its operation, security and capacity. The most important thing is to specify and document the monitored items, their requirements and the monitoring thresholds of each service. This also avoids false alarms.

We tailor our service to your needs.