The most important data is often electronic.

We provide tailored backup solutions for required items. Our selection includes Azure, Storage IT, Nexetic, and local solutions.

Safeguard your information with modern methods

Our backup service is not just a duplication service. We pay attention to other aspects of data security because often it is the most critical information that is being packed and copied. The question to ask when procuring and deliberating your options is: “What if?” Better safe than sorry.

Modern backup services take the following into account:

  1. Data is encrypted at the source.
  2. Data remains encrypted throughout the journey to storage.
  3. The backup and its encryption key are secured.
  4. Any backup related operations are logged and the end result is reported automatically.
  5. Backup recovery testing is completed annually and documented accordingly.

Why should you use a backup service?

You drop your laptop, your server disks are broken, or your database is corrupted. Who do you call? (Correct answer: +358 9 4257 8220)

  • It is automated. It is available 24/7, as required. It does not require anyone to carry around USB drives or tapes.
  • It also does not require anyone to tackle any issues related to backing up data. You should value your own time, too.
  • Backups are stored directly to a safe, certified data center located in Finland. This takes care of an offsite copy, too.
  • An automated monitoring service sends fail alerts.
  • Considering the alternatives and their costs, this service is practically free insurance.
  • If a workstation is damaged or lost, data can be retrieved. Information workers produce data which must be protected with vigor.

Do you know where your data is kept?

Is your backup stored in Finland? Does it have to be? Is it in some corner of a room, in a cabinet, or in a certified data center?

What does a backup service cost?

Generally about €0.05 to €0.5 per GB, depending on the location and other related services.